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One of the better homes of the majority of Thais.

This page is not a part of Retire In Thailand business.  We are freely hosting this page for what we consider a very worthy cause called Tzedakah.

Tzedakah, is based on the adage; Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

Frederick Douglass said; It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken men.

Chiang Rai has many children that are stuck in a cycle of poverty with no means of escape and without help they too will grow up to be broken men and women.  Many of these kids do well in high school and would like to continue their education in a trade school so that after 3 years they possess a skill that will allow them to either enter the workforce or start a small business of their own.  The alternative is continued poverty.

To provide a child with 3 years of trade school education, where they can learn to become a chef, a tour guide, an electrician, a mechanic or one of many other skills costs on average, 30,000 Baht or $1000.00 USD.

Tzedakah, through a network of teachers and counsellors identifies these children then pays for them to get an education.  Along with paying for their tuition they also get weekly mentoring and counselling from Tzedakah.

Not all of the children we interview get accepted.  For instance we do not accept kids with low grades, don’t turn in projects on time or fail to do their homework because they are obviously not putting in the effort it takes to succeed and in all likelihood will carry that laziness forward in their lives and our time and money will have been wasted.

Meet Noppadon

Noppadon is almost finished with high school and without help, that is where his education will cease.  Noppadon was abandoned by his parents and left in the care of his aging grandparents who are now in their 70s and have a very small area where they grow vegetables for sale and net about 150 Baht ($5.00 USD) per day.


Despite the hardship, Noppadon is a good kid with a great attitude and a good student.  Noppadon wants to grow up to support his grandparents but he knows that without a skill set his future will be just like theirs.

Meet Supitchaya

Supitchaya and her mother, who cannot work due to illness, live with her grandmother, in what would be considered by some, to be luxury.  Supachit’s father after abusing her mother and numerous fights finally killed somebody and is now serving time in prison.  Supitchaya is another child who will graduate from high school soon.  With no money to learn a trade, she too has zero prospects for a future.


There are many more kids as bad or worse off than these two.  At this time, after just 1 year, Tzedakah is supporting 24 children in Chiang Rai and are anxious to take on more but to do that they desperately need the help of good hearted, kind people.

Please support this good cause if you can