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When renting or buying a house, apartment or condo in Thailand there are, like most things, 2 prices. The price a Thai would pay and the price a foreigner will pay.  Retire in Thailand will get you the property you want at the Thai price. 

A word of caution: Beware of any advertisement for property for sale or rent that is in English. If it is in English it is because they think foreigners have more money and they can and will, ask for a premium price. The two biggest sites listing in English are Dot Property and DD Property but try making an enquiry and you will be very lucky if an agent responds.  The price on English language sites price will be at least 15% – 25% above market value.  The best deals are found when searching in Thai, but alas, most new retirees cannot read or write Thai.  Doing a search last night I found a house listed in English that looked good for 12,000 Baht per month and the same house on a Thai language site for 9,000 Baht per month. 

If you want to get the best possible deal, describe to us what you want and the general area, in the city, on the outskirts of the city or in the countryside and we will seek out and identify properties and then show you the ones that we think would interest you. Doing this will save you anywhere from 15% – 25% of the price they would ask you, as a foreigner, to pay.   

Usually real estate agents are paid 1 month’s rent as a commission and you can rest assured that that fee is calculated into the monthly rental payment.  We do not get commissions from landlords so that too will keep your rental price lower. 

Buying a house or Condo

You can buy a condo with no issues as long as the units in the building are 51% owned by Thais.

You may have read that foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand, but there is a way that you can own land and build a house, buy the house and land or lease the land and build a house, Retire In Thailand can help you with all of those options, however, you will need to spend some money on a lawyer to draw up the proper documents to protect your investment.

Building or Renovating

If you want to build or renovate, it would not be wise to manage it yourself unless you are an experienced builder.  I at one time managed a building company and know all the tricks and shortcuts contractors try to put over you to cut their costs and make more money, right down to too much sand in the cement.  If you let me source the contractor and manage the job, I can assure you it will be done properly.  I have one big advantage; I know the good contractors and the ones to be avoided.

What ever you need in Chiang Rai, Retire in Thailand can deliver.  We are not an Estate Agent so since we do not take a commission from the homeowner you will save money.

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