I provide services for both new retirees and expats in Chiang Rai.

Hi I am the face and driving force of Retire In Thailand.  My name is Warunee, my nickname is Jen.  Basically, except for my husband who helps me to understand your needs and acts as chauffeur, I work alone. I maintain immigration and banking contacts, find rental properties, negotiate prices on everything from vehicles to furniture and basically hold your hand while you do all the things you need to do when settling in Chiang Rai for your Thailand retirement years.

I do not have a fancy office, I work from my home in Chiang Rai, where I have lived for over 40 years and have developed many contacts.  I do not have a bunch of employees to pay, so I can keep my prices low and and my standards high thus ensuring you get the service you expect and pay for.

I always meet with my clients to determine what they want to accomplish before I start charging any service fees.  This way you get to decide if you want my help and I get to decide if I can be of any real help to you.

There is not much I cannot do, having previously been a partner in a building business I can even oversee any building or renovation work you want done I can source contractors and ensure the job will be done properly and at reasonable, fair prices.

I am looking forward to meeting you one day.


Warunee (Jen to my clients and friends)