I used Jen’s services when relocating from South Korea to Chiang Rai in 2018. Moving to a new country is always difficult, but Jen made the process much easier. She helped me prepare my Retirement Visa application, open a Thai bank account, and find suitable housing. All services were provided in a friendly, timely, and competent manner, and all the service fees were reasonable.  If you are moving to Chiang Rai and would like to save yourself time and trouble, I strongly recommend you contact Jen. – Humes

Thanks for all your assistance. You made getting my visa much easier,  the car you found for me was at a fair price and the house is great.  I know you saved me a lot of money and I was able to toss the Tylenol. – Bob

We appreciate everything you did for us, you made it all so easy and Jen is a lovely lady. We love the house we rented and the price is cheaper than what other people we know are paying for a lesser property. Thanks again – Ralph and Joyce

Thank you, thank you, thank you, what I thought was going to be a challenge, became with your help, a breeze.  I was really worried when I first arrived because nobody spoke very good English.  Day one with you I opened a bank account which I know now I could not have accomplished without your guarantee.  Day three I got my visa and on day four you got my internet and mobile phone arranged  – Charles

Had I not learned about you and your service I think I would have gone home.  I had tried for two weeks to find a place to live but the language barrier was impossible to overcome.  I tried every bank and none would allow me to open an account and I just knew getting a visa would have been a greater challenge. You have made me one happy chappy, thank you Jen. – Bill

Saving money was great but the time you saved me was invaluable. Thanks for making my transition so smooth.  I never dreamed that I could accomplish everything that I needed to do in less than a week.  That was, open a bank account, rent a house, get my visa, connect my telephone and buy a car. – Walter

I expected to stay in a hotel for at least a month to find a suitable place to rent and I expected to have to leave Thailand to convert my tourist visa to a retirement visa. Bottom line, with your help I located the perfect place to live in a week and converted my visa without leaving Thailand. Thanks — Richard

Having Jen’s help was invaluable to me. She helped me get my visa, open a bank account, get my driver’s license and buy a good car at a very good price. Had I tried to do all this myself it would have taken me much longer with much more aggravation and I believe much more cost. If anyone would like further details and/or to speak with me personally about my experience you can get my phone number from Jen. – Glenn

I chose to live near Chiang Rai in part because getting a retirement visa, bank account, motorcycle and house would be so much less expensive with Jen’s help than with the agents in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, or anywhere else. She charges a reasonable rate. But it’s better than that. While she drove me around looking at houses, I learned a great deal about the area such as where the best roast chicken places were, where the motorcycle parts woman worked, where the Mexican restaurant is, and so forth and so on. The process of obtaining the visa and bank account turned out thereby to be pleasant and informative rather than painful. Best of all, I found the quietest house I’ve ever lived in–in Thailand! Just as I wanted, I have a comfortable modern house in a small neighborhood outside of town with nothing but vast rice fields out my windows. And next week I’ll start Thai language lessons with Jen. Life is good. – Paul