We will help you in any negotiation

Negotiating with someone who speaks no, or very little, English, can be challenging.

Negotiating with Thais is a whole different kettle of fish.

Westerners usually conduct negotiations in a brief and efficient manner, sometimes with a forceful voice. Especially in tricky situations, when things don’t go as well as expected, “Farangs” tend to become loud and emotional.  In Europe or the USA this kind of behavior may be okay. Even an argument, where the other negotiating partner is being openly criticized, may be accepted. Often this criticism may even be part of the negotiating strategy.

If you are dealing with Thais and hope to be successful, these tactics are definitely wrong and you will most likely fail. Thailand has a different set of values which in turn lead to a different kind of conduct.  This is another area where Retire In Thailand can be of immense help.

During conversations Thais take their time – and a lot of it. More often than not they talk about things of no importance. Time just ticks away and at the end the actual subject may not even have been mentioned, and there is certainly no result in sight.

Please bear in mind that Thais have been educated from an early age to keep their emotions in check. They have so many different rules of conduct, which enable them to communicate things without the spoken word.  It will be almost impossible for you to guess the feelings or the thoughts of a Thai just by observing his expressions and gestures. Should you, however, react emotionally or, worse still, lose your temper, you may well have lost, or at least made things much more difficult.

That’s the basics but it gets more difficult when the Thai can’t speak more than basic English and you can’t say much more than sawadee khrap.

Save yourself a headache and let me help you, whether it is buying a car, buying furniture, dealing with your banker, a government employee or any other situation you find yourself in.