If you are of retirement age or investigating retirement options, look no further! Thailand is increasingly becoming one of the world’s top retirement destinations and for good reason. If you are looking for a change or worried that your pension or savings will not see you through your retirement years, check out our handy list of 13 reasons why you should consider retiring in Thailand.

Cost of living

Thailand can accommodate an array of budgets including a very small one. Your money will likely go much further in Thailand than it will back home with accommodation and food being especially cheap. You can even splash out for regular massages and it likely won’t break the bank.


Retirees to Thailand are likely to get a pleasant surprise. You’ll be welcomed, honoured, and included. In Thai culture being respectful to older people is considered extremely important and part of everyday life.

Local people

Thai people are friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Locals will be more than happy to help you settle in, enjoy socializing with you and welcome you into their community.

Tropical weather

Thailand offers beautiful tropical temperatures, so why not live that holiday lifestyle all year around!

Health care

Thailand’s health care is world class and plenty of hospitals cater to the needs of its foreign retirees. Health care and health insurance are also much more affordable than in many other countries.

Retirement visa

Getting a retirement visa for Thailand is very easy and inexpensive. Take advantage of one of the many local services to do all the work for you, making the process hassle free.

Limitless support

From live-in maids, home care and aided care facilities, Thailand has it all. Especially for those who do not have family support, Thailand is the perfect place to live and ensure you are well looked after.

Thailand’s location

Thailand is the perfect jumping point to other southeast Asian countries. Satisfy your wanderlust with a trip to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and beyond.

Delicious food

Thai food is not only delicious and varied it is also very affordable. There are also plenty of establishments offering creature comforts from back home to satisfy your cravings.

Expat and social community

There is a thriving expat community in most bigger Thai towns and cities making it easy to make friends with other retirees from back home. There are also regular expat events from lunches, charity dinners and more.

Holidays and festivals

Festivals are the perfect time to celebrate with Thai’s and expats alike. Songkran festival in April and Loy Kratong (Yi Peng) in November are two of Thailand’s most famous and fun festivals to enjoy!


Thailand is a very safe country with theft and crime rates being very low. You can go about your day (or night) fear free.


There are plenty of social and active events to get involved in to keep you young in mind, body and spirit. Join a weekly quiz night, live out your youth in a sassy salsa class or go hiking in the lush outdoors.