Retirement can be a financial hardship for most people since most depend on social security benefits. The best way to reduce the cost of living is to move to a country with lower costs.  Choosing to retire in Thailand is a perfect example, and many people opt to live in Thailand during their retirement period. Thailand has a warm climate, friendly people, foreign foods and above all Thai food which are much spicier.There are many foreigners from Japan, United States, South Korea, Western Europe, and it is considered safe to live. Retirement in Thailand is very different from the notion that is associated with the word. Retirement has acquired a brand new meaning which suits the new definition of the new generation of retirees. Retiring in Thailand is a common and attractive option.

Reasons why Thailand is the best retirement place

  1. Culture

Thai’s culture is devoted to beauty, tolerance, and happiness. The other good thing about their culture is that they respect senior people.

  1. Cost of living in Thailand

Expats can experience a perfect combination of modern luxuries and convenience while appreciating a reasonable cost of living in Thailand. Accommodation is quite affordable in Thailand, and it can go as little as $60 a month. Transportation costs are also inexpensive. The most economical means of traveling long distances is by minivan or bus. Traveling cost for short distances around the city ranges from low to moderate. Expats could use a cheap taxi.

The first thing that expats notice when they land in Thailand is the impressive variety of food. It does not cost a fortune to grab a snack from the street stalls selling barbecue chicken, papaya salad, pork on sticks and other delicacies. A full meal of meat, rice and vegetables is also affordable. Medical insurance in Thailand for expats is cheap despite the fact that treatment is of good quality. Most doctors speak English. Due to the low costs of Thailand treatment, most expats opt for self-insurance and inexpensive accident insurance policy as their major coverage. Private health insurance is the best choice for expats since it provides access to excellent standards of healthcare at private facilities.

  1. Climate

The weather is tropical.  If you want to bid snow goodbye, then an umbrella drink in Thai will be a good option for you.

How much money to live in Thailand

The period you intend to stay determines the cost. However, there are some ways to estimate the amount of money you ought to have. For you to qualify for a retirement visa in Thailand, you must have THB 800,000 savings in a bank account. With any income level, Thailand can offer you a decent lifestyle that is impossible to get anywhere else on the planet.

Seven jobs options to teach you how to retire in thailand and double your income

There are numerous employment opportunities in Thailand.

I. Teaching

This is the most obvious one. The private sector has a better salary than the public sector. You can also get weekend spots at language schools. In the state-run institutions, teaching is not easy due to the limited allocation of resources. Language schools are quite advantageous since they provide a better teaching environment.  To get a teaching position you must have a degree.  The degree can be in any field, it does not have to be a teaching degree.

II. Real estate jobs

There are numerous opportunities in the real estate market. This is attributed to the booming of the condo market.

III. Open a bar

This can be a favorable option for people with an experience in running a bar or hotel management.If you have never run a bar before, please do not open one as you will lose money instead of making money. Ensure the bar follows the legal requirements to avoid problems.

IV. Become an entrepreneur

Thailand is booming and therefore there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs. You can be a marketing consultant or export goods. The greatest part about being an entrepreneur in Thailand is that you pay less while setting up. The low cost of living gives you time to establish and relieve financial strains.

V. Freelancing

If you believe in your writing skills, you can make money by writing for businesses through websites like and The market is quite competitive, but you will earn more than a teacher.

VI. Work online

Most expats who have retired in Thailand work online when they are free. They may sell goods on eBay and Amazon as well as write eBooks at home. Other ways of making money online include playing online games, SEO agency, day trading, and blogging.

VII. Open a guesthouse

This can be a great way of making money fast. For a guest house to be successful in Thailand, it has to be clean and fresh throughout. A good personality is also required when running a guesthouse. Smiling to the visitors keep them coming back again and again.

Thailand is the best retirement haven and Chang Rai is a very popular location for many retirees. There is a warm weather throughout, welcoming people, a growing economy, many options to make money, low cost of living, and fabulous food.