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Thai expat and entertainment forums seem to have far too much utter nonsense in threads and posts about Thai Visas and Thai Immigration.

Some forums have new threads that are uploaded several times a day – the subject content is always the same Thai entry and exit rules and regulations. Embellished with various threads about Thai Work Permits – Retirement Visas and more, on and on the threads keep popping up with as much relevance as mushrooms.

On reading these posts I feel like a mushroom as I am fumbling in the dark as nothing I read in these dumbf**kery forums has any real facts!

Some Joe decides to post his opinion as he is well known as a prolific poster on the forum. Actually if these muppets ever stepped away from keyboards and walked down a street they would likely be so noticeable that they would quickly be donned with nicknames like – village idiot – bighead knowitall – maybe as they are so out of touch with reality they could be ageing merry pranksters…

Rubrics kick off with clickbait keywords to capture the clicks then very quickly a motley bunch of thread posts are quickly uploaded. But here is where the threads are exposed as dumbf**kery BS! Many posters are the same old clique a gaggle of users that just keep posting and posting… Behind the keyboard these jerks are all important. They have an innate belief that it is nice to be important – they are so out of touch with real life away from the keyboard where reality is.  They don’t seem to realize it is important to be nice, not nice to be important! Being nice would be best served if these jerks were to post comments that are for real. Any Joe can post Garbage – Lies – Fake News… But all this does is confuse readers of forums who are after real facts and genuine real time information on Thai Visas and Immigration!

What will you learn from reading Thai forums on Thai Visa and immigration? One word ZILCH!  But worse, you will be confused with the differing opinions.

Retire In Thailand will always stick to what I know to be true about entering and leaving Thailand.  No BS, just up-to-date facts and information.  I have friends that I went to school with who are immigration officers in Chiang Rai and they keep me up-to-date with any and all changes related to retirement or marriage visas and anything else I ask them about.  So, if you read it on my site it is accurate, if you read something different elsewhere, ignore it.