Every little bit means a lot to someone

Tzedakah is a Jewish word meaning charitable giving.

Today I was asked by Tzedakah, an organization that I already support by donating 10% of money paid by my clients, if I could help them by posting their information on my website.  I agreed.

Tzedakah’s mission is: Helping children in Chiang Rai who are academically capable of
furthering their education but do not have enough money.

Tzedakah can’t help every child so they help children from the poorest of poor families.

Tzedakah provides financial support on a semester by semester basis to assist needy students to pursue a higher education in a trade school .  The support provided may be for tuition, supplies, apartment, food, etc. and is paid directly to the provider.

To qualify for Tzedakah support students will be from a poor family, have good school grades, a desire to be self-reliant and a commitment to use their skills to support their family and community.  To keep receiving Tzedakah’s support students must keep their grades at a minimum of 3.0, turn in all of their homework and projects on time, refrain from drug and alcohol use and meet or speak with a Tzedakah mentor/counsellor weekly.

Tzedakah’s kids need the help of kind hearted people like yourself.

To learn more about Tzedakah, click here.